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Farm Hand has quickly become one of Australia’s leading organic wine labels. It’s the essence of the Monash Valley in South Australia and, more recently, our second home of McLaren Vale. The mix of older organic vines contribute to such a great tasting selection of varietal wines that are perfect for any occasion. And because the fruit source is organic, you’ll get a burst of fruit in every mouthful that is as mother nature intended, without any pesticides or herbicides. Farm Hand is, and continues to be, one of the finest range of organic table wines available in Australia.

Organics - The Reason and the Practices

Organic wine generally refers to viticulture ensuring no pesticides or herbicides are sprayed on the vines or the soil. The Farm Hand wines are grown by the Grigoriou family, fourth generation wine growers, from almost one hundred acres of Organic Vineyards in the Monash Valley of South Australia. The moderate, dry climate with very low rainfall during autumn and fertile soils is perfectly suited to Organic Viticulture. The well-established vines (up to thirty years of age) are planted widely apart for airflow to minimise disease, pressure and minimal drip irrigation, all ensuring low yielding fruit with rich flavours and varietal expressiveness.


Organic Taste and Quality

Organic wines can have just as good if not better flavour and vibrancy because in the vineyard and the winery, you are replacing chemicals with labour and the natural environment. Organic vignerons need to care more about the vines and the vineyards; they protect it naturally from mildew and are more particular with harvest timings. In more general terms, they need to be paying more attention to their vineyard and resultant grapes.

There have been very good studies showing that overall, organic grapes tend to have lower yields, which gives you a better grape with more concentrated flavour and, thus, a better wine. Also there are many wine producers that don’t make a song and dance about their organic practices as they are not fully certified, but it means the quality of soil and vineyard has improved and that in turn means more concentrated fruit intensity and vibrancy. 

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